5 steps to get corona out of your head

We all know what we are passing through. It sounds like a thrilling plot of a novel or a film. But we all are experiencing the same situation where we can’t get out of our home and are in a lockdown. Well, We may not be able to get out of our home but surely we can get out of our head. So let’s do that. Here are 5 simple steps to get corona thing out of your head.

1. Stop consuming all the news and statistics about covid 19 :
We are not going to change the situation by consuming more information about it. We already know what we need to. Worrying about fellow citizens or the death toll increasing, we are neither helping them nor doing good to our own mental health. What maximum we can do is already we are doing by maintaining social distancing. If we keep our own selves safe and take care of our family members, it will be a great service to humanity.

so, stop consuming all the feeds. Out of sight, out of mind.

2. Move your hands and legs:
The only way to get corona out of your head is to get going. Indulge yourself in any kind of activity that you like. the art form of any kind is the best medium to channelize your unsung anxiety and worries. The moment you start engaging yourself in writing, drawing, knitting, sewing, cooking, dancing, singing or exercising, believe me you will forget corona. And all of the above can be practiced at home while maintaining social distancing.

our mind has a habit to get tuned to what our body is doing. In the absence of bodily movement, our mind has a tendency to ruminate and indulge in all kinds of negative thinking.

3. Best time to meditate:
As Blaise Pascal rightly said ‘All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.’

There is a very famous practice of Buddhism known as ‘Vipashyana’. ‘Pashya’ means to watch. Just watch your breath, either with eyes open or eyes closed. Observe your emotions, thoughts, feelings and observe that you are observing. You can take the help of ‘guided meditation’ apps like headspace of calm.

4. name it to tame it:
As Dr. Daniel Siegel said ‘Simply identify your emotion and get the solution.’

Usually, out basic emotions like anger, fear or sadness arise from an area of the brain known as the limbic system. this limbic system and especially the area which is known as the amygdala is constantly firing impulses of danger. When we get hijacked by those emotions, we may lose our control and show behaviors that are very unlike us.

Instead, we should just sit and observe the emotion which we are feeling. We just need to think it aloud and our brain will automatically find the solution to it. For example, ‘I am experiencing fear’ or ‘I am having anxiety’. By doing this, we are naming the emotions.

What happens is that, once we identify the emotions, they get processed by our cortex mainly frontal cortex which is associated with reasoning, logic and problem-solving. So this part of the brain will calm down our amygdala by reassuring it that everything is fine. You need not worry. Thus, by bringing our executive brain in the issue, we can show a very calm, mature and relaxed behavior. this is what we call ‘reflective’ thinking. the thinking by the amygdala and limbic system is ‘reflexive’ thinking.

5. chanting of ‘AUM’:
we in India practice this very beautiful and powerful mantra which is ‘AUM’. it is a universal sound and the reverberations of this mantra can be felt by our own body and also by the universe. ‘AUM’ is the basic sound which consists of ‘A’, ‘U’ and ‘M’. All these 3 sounds can be produced without using the tongue. You can search the youtube on how to pronounce and practice ‘AUM’ chanting.

The biggest benefit of ‘AUM’ is that the reverberations which get generated after its chanting bring the mind and body in harmony with each other. Not only it reduces anxiety and calms you down, but it also connects you with the universe and cosmic energy.

so, these are all simple steps to get rid of corona from your head and focus on good mental and physical health. Let us all remember one golden rule, ‘What we focus on, grows’.

Uro Surgeon, Author, Orator and columnist