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A real-life story based on writer Ann wells’ life was published in an English newspaper in 1985. And that same story has suddenly come to life and going viral all over the world for all the right reasons. When Ann wells wrote this story, her younger sister ‘Jen’ had passed away at a very young age. It was sudden and premature death. After her death, her husband pulled out a beautiful dress from her wardrobe and gave it to wells. He said, ‘Jen bought this 10 years back when we had been to New-York. She never wore it. She always…

Whether you should or shouldn’t publish daily

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Even the illiterate farmers know that the crops need to be grown on the alternate years because if you constantly plant the crops every year, the fertility of land will be diminished and the quality of crops will be compromised.So every farmer does that deliberately. For an entire year, they don't farm anything and allow the land to gain and retain its fertility. So the next year the crops will be better.Exactly, the same thing applies to our creativity also. …

Why did I stop displaying my achievements?

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I have not displayed any certificate in my hospital. My patients are concerned with my skill, behavior, sensitivity, and empathy. They are not concerned with my achievements, awards, and a heap of degrees.

What is the use of that gold-medal that can’t win the heart of someone? If it doesn’t bring a smile of relief and peace to my patient’s faces, what is the use of my education and knowledge? …

We are surrounded by energy vampires

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All-day long, we encounter so many people who are unhappy with themselves. Those who are dissatisfied with life around them. They have complaints about every little thing in this world. They are the ones who will misbehave. They will abuse and criticize us. They will try to belittle us and ruin our day. They aim to drag us into their world of unhappiness and sadness. Our aim should be not to get dragged and stay rooted in our own world of bliss.

How should we handle our haters? trollers? Energy suckers? Well, first of…

To open from within, something needs to be broken

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I used to hate heart-breaks. Well, who loves them anyway? A typical feeling of rejection and unwantedness, those gloomy evenings, horrible and lonely mornings, sense of worthlessness and seemingly looking end of this world.

Let me tell you, I am writing this after a severe and life-threatening heartbreak a year ago. I won’t go into the details of that but It almost killed me. I had never felt so worthless in my entire life. I used to cry and seek attention. I thought I had lost the plot. …

How ancient Chinese wisdom can help us in this crisis

An ancient Chinese anecdote. Once upon a time, a man fell into a river. The river was ending into a large waterfall at some distance. The people who saw this mishap were sure that the man would not survive. But after some time, that man came back alive to their surprise. There was not even a scratch on his body. People asked him, ‘How did you survive ?’. He smiled and said, ‘I survived because I surrendered myself to the river. Rather than swimming against the flow, I let myself…

There has been chaos all over the world. It seems a master-key to manage this entire world is lost. The most updated and advanced version of homo sapiens has got infected with a virus. and a million lives got hanged.
It seems God is out on vacation. Without any prior notice, He has left the office. and now we are clueless regarding how to manage the work.

But the question is, where he must have gone? We have been worshipping him like anything for a long time. What must not we have done to please him? Prayers, Chants, Pooja, Fasts…

Love all. Start?

Nudity. If we just close our eyes and ponder on this, we will realize that we started our beautiful journey on this earth with nudity. At that time, we used to own only one thing that was our breaths. We had neither possessions, nor wealth. Neither any job nor any financial security. We used to clench our fist and try to grab something. But we’re unable to retain anything.

We realized one thing that when hunger used to strike, we were offered food immediately. When we couldn’t do anything about our hunger, that time also we survived.

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Not so dear and Unpleasant Corona,

I don’t know why? But somehow, I am not getting scared of you. Well, we have been trained to remain in close contact with dead bodies since the days of our first MBBS.

We have seen so many deaths from such a close distance, that death is like an old school friend to us. So please, you better don’t scare us of death.
Being a surgeon, we never think of ‘whose blood it is ?’ while putting our hands in puddles full of blood. We never think of ‘who is the owner of…

5 steps to get corona out of your head

We all know what we are passing through. It sounds like a thrilling plot of a novel or a film. But we all are experiencing the same situation where we can’t get out of our home and are in a lockdown. Well, We may not be able to get out of our home but surely we can get out of our head. So let’s do that. Here are 5 simple steps to get corona thing out of your head.

1. Stop consuming all the news and statistics about covid 19 :

Neoplasia Nimit

Uro Surgeon, Author, Orator and columnist

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