There has been chaos all over the world. It seems a master-key to manage this entire world is lost. The most updated and advanced version of homo sapiens has got infected with a virus. and a million lives got hanged.
It seems God is out on vacation. Without any prior notice, He has left the office. and now we are clueless regarding how to manage the work.

But the question is, where he must have gone? We have been worshipping him like anything for a long time. What must not we have done to please him? Prayers, Chants, Pooja, Fasts, Donations. Which other species must have served better to God other than us? Still, the brunt of suffering is maximum on human beings. Why?

Why has he left us to do his job? Why are we doing the job that he used to perform? To look after the well-being, safety, and health of each and every human.
This was never our job. We had a different job profile altogether. Growth, Economy, Civilization, Globalization, Investments, and Inventions. We were busy with all these. Then, How come we need to worry about human existence?

What must have gone wrong? What was our mistake that God left for a long vacation? We need to reflect on this. Isn’t that so that we were trying to be God? Were we trying to be the superior most species? We need to think about this. Were we ignoring the other creatures of this planet? Were we not considering their well-being? Were we not giving them due importance and respect?

Probably, We had forgotten the fact that we are just a part of this universe. Not the boss. We are suffering because we created this imbalance. Nature is just trying to bring everything back in harmony. Probably, this was the only way nature could show us how insignificant we humans are!

We were fond of managing things. So, He let us did so. He went on an unnoticed vacation and made us the boss of this universe. Now, we can see the chaos that we have made.

He has shifted his responsibility to us. Now, we are under stress and He is relaxing. He is everywhere. In the clear and unpolluted atmosphere, In songs of birds, In happily moving leaves and trees, In the wind, In the dawn, In the dark. He is everywhere. Just that, He is not listening to us.

Let’s request him to come back from vacation and take the charge. Let’s tell him that we don’t want to be Him. Let’s promise to him that we will change our habits. We will change ourselves for the good.

Uro Surgeon, Author, Orator and columnist