Love all. Start?

Nudity. If we just close our eyes and ponder on this, we will realize that we started our beautiful journey on this earth with nudity. At that time, we used to own only one thing that was our breaths. We had neither possessions, nor wealth. Neither any job nor any financial security. We used to clench our fist and try to grab something. But we’re unable to retain anything.

We realized one thing that when hunger used to strike, we were offered food immediately. When we couldn’t do anything about our hunger, that time also we survived.

Now let’s assume we lose everything in this current crisis. We are facing zero productivity, ongoing EMIs, a huge debt, and loss of millions of bucks. Now what?

Just check, have we lost our breaths? Let’s assume the worst scenario. We no longer own anything except our breaths. So what? Should we stop living?

If in the past with zero experience, very basic understanding, and lack of knowledge we could reach our current position, why can’t we do it again?

The time and circumstances have enriched us with wisdom, experience, and resources. As long as the food is concerned, we need not worry.

As we take a deep breath and universe fills fresh oxygen in our lungs for our survival, exactly in a similar manner it will take care of our food and basic needs.

The same cosmos which has gifted us with teeth will oblige us with food. That doesn’t mean we should do nothing.

Its time to be resilient. Any living being who is actively fighting for its existence will never go to bed with an empty stomach.
this is the doctrine of existentialism.

The force which brings us all into existence, that same unseen universal force helps us to survive.

It’s okay if we have lost the first set in the grand slam final against corona. We might have lost the set, but not the talent. We just need to believe in ourselves.

After a short break when we will get up from the chair, we will get a new chance to play a new set. The talent which brought us to the finals of the grand slam, that same talent will help us become the champion. Life’s tournament is always ‘best of five’. It’s just one set that we have lost. Now let’s focus on the second set. Let’s start with a fresh and clear mind. A new beginning is waiting for us.
So, Love all. start?

Uro Surgeon, Author, Orator and columnist