You don’t have to write daily

Whether you should or shouldn’t publish daily

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Even the illiterate farmers know that the crops need to be grown on the alternate years because if you constantly plant the crops every year, the fertility of land will be diminished and the quality of crops will be compromised.So every farmer does that deliberately. For an entire year, they don't farm anything and allow the land to gain and retain its fertility. So the next year the crops will be better.Exactly, the same thing applies to our creativity also. We need lots of 'Niksen' Moments where we are doing nothing and we allow our mind to wonder.If we keep our minds constantly busy or engaged with something ( be it writing), the creativity diminishes. and most of the times, we are not even aware about the process. We feel we no longer enjoy the process of creating something and we fail to find the reason for that. But the reason is our constant engagement with any particular activity.Even the athletes or cricketers fail to perform (what they call 'our of form') if they keep on playing the sport constantly.So yes, if you feel pressurized to perform any activity daily without giving yourself a break, you are soon going to lose your passion and love regarding the same.If you can do it with love and care, you may proceed. But otherwise, it is perfectly fine not being able to write, perform or publish everyday.Let me conclude it this way. It all boils down to the difference between 'I want to' or 'I have to'. If you want to write everyday, please go ahead for infinite years ahead. But if you HAVE to write everyday, give yourself a break . You better go and find your passionate love towards writing during that break.-Dr.Nimitt 

Uro Surgeon, Author, Orator and columnist